My dream is to compete for Paralympics GB in the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020 but my first goal is to qualify for selection. I believe that my hard work and dedication to table tennis will enable me to do that but to have the best possible chance I need to raise £20,000 to pay for additional competitions, nutrition, possible international training camps and more.

The qualification period started in January this year and ends at the end of March 2020.

Will you help me on my journey to qualify and achieve my dream of being selected next year?

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I was born in Paisley, the youngest of 4 boys. I have a condition known as Congenital Limb Loss & Deformity. This resulted in me being born with no hands and only one leg. Life was difficult at times and I had to receive surgery as a child to help me walk and play as normal.
Throughout my life I have played many sports ranging from football to rugby, basketball and athetics. However the most logical choice of sport when you have no hands, is surely table tennis.
Having 3 older brothers, I wasnt allowed to feel sorry for myself, they made sure that I was included in everything they did. A massive part of everything they did was sport. They would put me in goals thinking that having no hands would stop me saving the football. My determination to not let my brothers win was a big driving factor, this sparked a competitive attitude in me that I still have today.
After witnessing Paralympics GB win two team medals at London 2012 I knew I wanted to dedicate myself entirely to the sport. I put a lot more time and effort into the game and in 2015 I had earned the privilege of being invited to train full time with the British Para Table Tennis Team.
I now live and train in Sheffield, and I am the only Scottish member of the British Para Table Tennis Performance Team. The athletes I saw in London 2012, I now get to call teammates and friends.
My full time training consists of being on the table tennis table practicing for up to 5 hours a day, and in the gym at least 3 times per week. I recieve quality practice from my teammates who have won various titles such as the Paralympic Games. The level of play in the hall and the team ethos and mentality, inspires me to try and improve every single day by working towards a big goal.
My training takes an immense toll on my body and it is very demanding. Yet I push myself to the limit each and every day in order to achieve my dreams. The pains and struggles in training all disappear when the hard work and determination pays off in competition. It makes everything worthwhile when I get to stand on the medal podium representing Great Britain.
I started playing table tennis at the age of 17 thanks to help from Scottish Disability Sport and Drumchapel Table Tennis Club in Glasgow.
All of this effort and hard work is being put in, in order to take me to Tokyo. The 2020 Paralympic Games have been a target of mine for a while now.
The 6000 mile trip is possible, but not without your support. Your generous donations will go towards essential necessities such as; kit & equipment, travel costs, accomodation, nutritional needs and so much more. I believe I have what it takes to make it to the biggest stage in the world. Can you help me get there?

Left until the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games. Tokyo is 6000 miles away. To get there I need to raise £20,000. Help me reach the next stage of my journey by Buying-a-Mile of my Journey to Tokyo.

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